Terms and Conditions

  1. Check-in time is 12:30 Hrs.
  2. Check-out time is 10:00 Hrs.
  3. Any Extension of stay must be reconfirmed with The Team Cottage Winterfell.
  4. The guest(s) acknowledge joint and several liability for all services rendered until full settlement of bills.
  5. Guest(s) will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the Homestay property caused by themselves, their friend(s) or any person(s) for whom they are responsible.
  6. No guest(s) has the right to sub-let or keep a tenant if he or she has booked the cottage for a long stay. 
  7. The owners shall always be deemed to be in full and absolute possession and control of the whole of the premises.
  8. The management reserves to itself the right to add, alter or amend any of the above terms, conditions and rules.  
  9. Valid Photo ID proof issued by government compulsory for all occupants. 
  10. The undersigned agrees that all information displayed is accurate. 
  11. Guests with non-cancellable reservations will be liable to pay for the full duration of their original booking.
  12. The guest will be responsible to take care of the Cottage keys once it is handed over to them, they will be liable to pay for the lock replacement cost including the fitting charges in case keys are misplaced or lost.
  13. Guests should ensure that the cottage is properly secure at all times. Any loss of items from the cottage or its premises during their stay will be their responsibility.
  14. Guest will be responsible for loss of any personal belongings and valuables left behind at the time of check out.
  15. Registered guests will be held responsible for any missing or damaged items in their room or any internal/external areas of Homestay. This liability extends to both registered guests and their visitors.
  16. Booking amount is fully refundable, if the booking is cancelled 7 days prior to Arrival. No Amount will be refunded after this period.
  17. We are a pet friendly home stay but make sure you clean your pet’s poop and the pet doesn’t damage any items in the property.
  18. We are by no means a resort/Hotel. We are a home stay and intent to remain one. We request guests to help us keep this a home.

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